Wyze AI communication - April 2021

Honestly, I would love to have the option to allow the AI to transcribe (word recognition) my recorded events for certain cams (obviously some people would want this disabled).

This would be helpful for things like say a business meeting, or even at home if we remember something that happened or was said, but not exactly when (day/time). Imagine being able to search for a specific word or phrase and locate that video or read the transcript around it. Much of this could be easily automated, though you could allow customers to download and save transcripts locally, or just make it so they can run searches.

While I think it would be best if Wyze trained their own AI to do speech recognition/transcription, there are also lots of companies you could outsource it to, but that would require charging a separate subscription or raising prices to compensate for this feature, which is not very ideal. Still, to get an idea of this, here are Amazon’s transcription prices:

Secondly, building off of this, it would be really helpful to be able to receive alerts for detection of certain custom words. If I put a cam at an Elderly loved-one’s house, maybe I tell the AI to alert me anytime it hears/transcribes the word “Help” and then I get a notification to review that clip and see if it something I should be concerned about or not. Transcriptions are never perfect, but it could at least help us filter down all events to something more manageable and potentially relevant.
It would be interesting if we could pair some of that to various routines, such as speaking a phrase to trigger an automation (either in-ecosystem or with webhooks or 3rd parties like through IFTTT or whatever to be able to basically create a macro to do anything).

Most transcription services are ridiculously over-priced (I do use several different such services), but if Wyze had their own AI doing this, they could provide a lot of usability that few companies have. Wyze could get ahead of the game (I think this will be a big thing in the near future) and not be reliant on paying 3rd parties like Amazon to do it for you because you neglected to build up your AI to do it yourself when it becomes something almost everyone expects.