Wrong Video Played when clicking notification

I have multiple V3s and I’ve noticed that when I click a video in my notification area, it doesn’t take me to the video I clicked, but rather to the first video in the list of videos captured. So unless I click right right after the video is captured, the app plays whatever is first in the list. (this is a hassle since I get a lot of “motion” captures, but I only have notifications for “Person” videos.)

This issue is repeatable.

I’m on the current version of the “released” android app, on both a tablet and a Samsung phone.

Not a single reply? Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known issue?

Hi! Thank you for submitting this issue. We released our latest official App version 2.22 today. Could you update your App and test it again. If the issue still there, could you submit a device log and send me the log number? Thank you very much.