2 gui bugs and 2 gui requests

android app verion 1.4.18

bug 1: when you click an alert notification from android dropdown which opens the app and views the video clip, the ‘name’ of the camera is changed to the MAC address:

bug 2: on the list of alerts below, clicking the “motion alert” labels do not start the video. the GUI shows a click action, but nothing happens. you have to click the video itself to view it.

request 1: please update the alert list to show a thumbnail image of what caused the motion.

request 2: please update the alert list to show an indicator if you have already watched the alert or not.




Bug#1 has been reported and is being investigated. I’m not sure #2 is a really a big. Should not be a big deal since you know to tap he play icon to play the video.

I have forwarded your feature requests to the keeper of the future request tally.