Would love a window mounted camera with a battery option

I have a window with no nearby power outlet. I would love a Wyze indoor camera with a battery option.

What will it’s use be? What are your other needs for it?

One thing to watch for is that Wyze has battery cameras with a PIR detection system. This detection system works by detecting heat, which then “wakes” the camera up from a sleep state to start recording events. I mention this because PIR detection does not work through glass. If you only want a camera that you can sometimes live view to see what’s going on, then these would work, but if your looking for any notifications or event videos then you may need to look in a different direction.

I used my Wyze cameras to keep tabs on a sick dog. To monitor areas that don’t have nearby outlets, I connected a V3 to a phone charger. These are batteries used to charge phones. There are available V3 window mounts, even Wyze has one.

I’ve been playing around with another less expensive battery approach for cameras that are easy to reach. Just us an External battery power bank. The power banks have grown significantly in their capacity. I have one V2 working in my garage working off a 10,000mAh battery. Lasts about a week. PIR driven is a much better solution, although given we go in and out of the garage many times a day, be interesting to see how long it lasts. Both are an option to consider…