Would like filenaming convention to be timestamp

Including downloading events, they are all labeled the same name. Ideally it would be great to have filenames to be more like:
yyyymmdd_tt-tt-tt_{random seed}

thank you.

File and folder name in SD card has same names. I would need those files name under timestamp for better organizing. Also I realized the file creation date and time on windows file detail information shows 4 hours ahead from local time. I am hoping that creation time can be assigned to local time zone,


Additionally, because of these what seems like random arbitrary filenames. I have to modify each and every snapshot and video names by hand which in my case because I have a newborn and want to record everything. The amount of snapshots I deal with is large. So I would like to script it but found there are no meta data embedded in the images or their original datetime. Now the only way is to OCR the image to pull out the datetime stamp on the image.

REQUESTING the following enhancements:

  1. Give each file a unique {date}_{time} ie 20200809_150012.jpg
  2. Also embed in the image as metadata: datetime, cam name, manuf, cam type, location

thank you for consideration.

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Saving files which I do frequently, the default name is gibberish. Please make them more conventional starting with date/time?

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I like the idea! The wishlist item you linked to is tagged “maybe later”, so unfortunately it’s not being worked on at the moment. If you set your thread settings to “watching” for that other thread, you will get a notification if and when that wishlist thread goes into “researching”.


Just an FYI, the camera filenames are not at all gibberish - you just have to know how to read them. I will agree that they are not overly human readable, but not as bad as you might think. Here is a filename of a snapshot I took a few minutes ago on one of my cameras:
Now let’s translate that. The first part is the MAC address of the camera. Every network device has a MAC address, and for the most part, that never changes for that device. Note that for security, I changed a couple digits so I am not giving you all the actual MAC of my camera 07.
The second part is the Epoch time. This is an expression of time used internally for almost all Unix based computer systems (which these cameras are). It is the number of seconds (or milliseconds) since 1 January 1970.
The first 10 digits gets us to the second, and the 493 is the number of milliseconds. So:
Assuming that this timestamp is in milliseconds :
GMT : Wednesday, November 18, 2020 6:56:30.493 PM
Your time zone : Wednesday, November 18, 2020 10:56:30.493 AM [GMT-08:00]
Relative : 22 minutes ago

I used this page to convert it: https://www.epochconverter.com/

Now, with all that said, it would be nice if it was a little more human readable…

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@K6CCC yes thank you for the explanation. I actually knew it was epoch timestamp which is a pain to convert. Nevertheless…

[UPDATE] @K6CCC Hi Jim, thank you, I over looked the fact you were basically providing an answer to my specific comment about unable to decipher. This is an old request of mine and my thoughts were on the original ask. Thanks again for taking the time to provide the epoch conversion pointer. Yes, I’m actually doing that now where I download the entire folder and triage using regex since again the name structure is different depending on what you’re triaging :frowning: but yeah a simple regex does take care of the problem but again, while on mobile, it’s a bit of a pain.

Usecase #1:

  1. I take snapshot.
  2. I goto Album
  3. I find my snapshot(s) and “share” tall of them o a cloud since for some reason I can’t download to local?
  4. I now have a folder full of unreadable filenames.

Are you asking me to copy/paste all the names to a converter than rename each one? I’m on mobile as you know since there is no Wyze desktop outside of using an emulator.

Usecase #2:

  1. I download a video from Events
  2. The filename is 43 characters long, now unlike the snapshots, It’s a more jumbled mess of epoch+mac+epoch again: event{epoch time}_{mac addr}{repeat of epoch time}.mp4

so current state of naming convention is:
*Event clip *: 43 characters with epoch+mac+epoch repeated
*Album video *: epoch only
*Album photos *: mac+epoch

This is just nuts. If you’re debugging, this would be ok but even that, you got naming structure all over the place. We’re talking about end users here. They should follow same convention and human readable.

Not really asking for much. There are already coding libs designed to beautify the unreadable epoch format. Internally they can keep that naming they already have. It’s only when you want to save/share/download they should go through human readable formatting.

Would like in mty original ask:
change naming to: yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss
also would like in metadata:

  • create/modify date
  • camera/device name
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When I download images in my iPhone, the naming convention I get is: IMG_2333.MP4

The same image copied to OneDrive (from the iOS app) gets named: 20210101_190857000_iOS

The same image downloaded from Android is named something more like: event1608530161000_2CAA8ED6993C131608530161.mp4

This isn’t something Waze has any control of.

What I feel needs to happen is:
when you download an image (Event) from the Cam Plus (amazon) backup. the file should be named with the timestamp that the image was captured as.
PLUS it should have an amended name with the name you gave the camera.

So if you named your Camera in the APP “Garage”. The filename should be:

Having the name of the file in iOS matching IMG_2333.MP4 makes it hard to do research.

Currently, the file names are very confusing such as e4983797cccae34232.mp4 and do not detail anything about the video. Instead, it would be better if the file name included the camera name, date/time stamp etc.

Very useful. I haven’t searched much, but one would think Wyze would let people know this, or just use that algorithm internally.

The next question is why does Wyze “hide” such fundamentally useful info from users? Had I not Googled the topic (landing here) I’d have taken those filenames as similar to online drive gibberish links.

That site has batch conversion that could work on file groups, made easier with help from a renaming app for non-programmers. Epoch Batch Conversion Tool

I suspect some renaming program might already have this built in. Searches pending…

I agree - a file name that has the camera name (at the start) and the date/time will be super helpful and useful!!!

what lamr said…
with timestamp of YYYYMMDD-HHMMSSMSs

I’d also like to be able to modify the location of snapshot photos.
On android, I’d put em in my DCIM folder under a Wyze subfolder.