Downloaded image/video filenames

The filenames of pictures and videos downloaded from the various camera models to your phone gallery, differ a bit from model to model, but generally the files have a 10 to 13 digit filename, and on some models the filename also contains the camera mac address.

I’m trying to figure out if the filenames are an encoded version of the date/time stamp of when the picture/video was recorded.

I have enabled the time stamp option, so the time stamp is shown on the picture/video, but it would be nice to be able to tell the time stamp from the filename if possible, without having to view every picture/video every time I want to know the time stamp.

Has anyone figured out if the time stamp can be determined from the filename?

One of the other members here said to use this if you are looking at file names listed on an SD card. I don’t know about downloaded files.

I thought that it might be timestamp in seconds, but the math was not coming out right.

Thank you. That looks like it will probably work.

I wish it would work like the dashcam I have which shows the file number number, date and time that each 3 minute video ends.