Worst motion detection on the market?

Is it just me or do the wyze cams have the worst motion detection software on the market? I tried using a V2 about a year ago to compete with my Arlo pros, and even with a TINY activity zone and detection sensitivity at 1/100, I would get constant motion alerts over literally nothing.

Now a year later, not only is setting an activity zone still broken on Samsung s9 (app freezes and crashes), the alerts are just as bad on the V3 cams! I have a tiny activity zone, sensitivity set to 1, and the tiniest disturbances to a single pixel in the activity zone generates an alert. It basically makes these cameras useless for home security purposes as I get an alert every single minute.

This sucks. I was really looking forward to replacing my Arlos but it looks like Wyze decided to put their effort into… watches? Headphones? A scale? Instead of something as essential to a security camera as reliable motion detection and alerts.

My V3 cameras do the same thing. The slightest movement or shadow triggers a notification. Even with things that happen outside my activity zone. It does the same with sounds. The slightest sound will trigger a notification. I was getting alerts every five minutes.

So I turned off my alerts and will rely on my eufy cameras to notify me. The Wyze cameras will be used to fill in what my eufy cameras miss.

I have a problem with buggy Wyze app and firmware, but in your case, I’d tweak the motion sensitivity settings first.

I have never had that as a recurring problem. When I get motion alerts it is ALMOST always for obvious motion of trees, bugs, birds, squirrels, or humans. The old fashioned zone box and person detection (and disabling the LEDs) work well to refine that. I don’t yet have a V3 to compare.

Needs to be fixed to only trigger to motion inside detection zone. on windy days my camera spends all day pointed up at the tress that are way outside on the detection zone

My V3s do that too. If it’s any consolation, my EufyCams also record movement outside the activity zones.

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Wyze motion detector must be pretty good. It detects everything :smile:

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Yes it is the worst. Especially in the Pan Cam, it detects movement when camera moves. It’s a failure to implement basic computer vision.

I wrote better motion detection software when I was an undergrad over 10 years ago. There’s just no excuse to be this bad.