Woody is moving in

Woodpeckers are known to take over bluebird houses. Last year and the year before a downy woodpecker spent many nights in the bluebird house.

The hole is a bit small, so the woodpecker enlarges it. This bluebird house has a guard on the front which is essentially another piece of wood with the same hole. Some are made of copper.

Woody is ‘thinking outside the box’ (I kill me!) and enlarging the hole from the inside. This method will still take a long time. He still has to enlarge the guard when he comes to it, but from the other side.

The complete video is over 15 minutes long, with just a few breaks to feel if the hole is large enough.,

Don’t know why the audio stopped.


Here is Woody checking out the faux tree bird house.


Just like last year, a woodpecker spends the night in the bluebird house.


Is he just hanging on the inside of the hole wall?

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Not sure. He left at sunrise. Somehow the v3 got moved.

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Mr. Bluebird is making a nest in October. I thought that was odd. Google states he is not nesting, but claiming the house for him and Mrs. Bluebird.

“ What you are seeing is probably just a bonding behavior, not nesting. Perhaps a successful male and female pair from the previous breeding season is back to stake an early claim on the box, or maybe a male showing a potential new mate a good nesting spot,”


No tell Motel :rofl: :rofl:

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There are several woodpeckers hanging around. This one actually kicked the tires!

I seem to hear another woodpecker pecking in the background.



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Does the birdhouse smell like :skunk: too? :upside_down_face:

No but my wife asked me to give the dog another bath. She was still stinky. Now that she is wet, she reeks just like the day she got sprayed. I read the longer the skunk oil stays on the fur, the harder it is to remove.
I know my pup has to smell it.

I don’t how much money I wasted until my neighbor passed this on… Either mix 1 qt water, 1qt hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 tsp Dawn or just use this premixed stuff and avoid getting in eyes (I keep transferring to this spray bottle and jug from the early '90s so labels today are different):

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Wife did that about an hour after the spray event.

That is the problem. The skunk sprayed her on the right side of her muzzle, about an inch below her right eye. I have used a toothbrush several times to really clean that spot. There is still a stain on her white fur.

She is due fir her grooming next week. Maybe they can shave her in that spot.

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Poor doggie! :cry:

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Get un-smelly soon doggie :grin:


You may have to go full “Yul Brynner” on the pup.

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