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I have no local a/c outside of my home so I want to run the wire through the wall to a power plug. How many feet of usb power wire can I run? I see it comes with 5 feet and you can buy a 6 foot extension. I was wondering how many of those extensions could be run end to end or if I could buy a 25 foot extension would that be ok? I’d much rather run that small wire than a long a/c cord.

I’d still run an AC extension cord as far as you can so you can minimize the distance a USB extender cable has to go, as you will see voltage drops over those. Then get as heavy a gauge of USB extender cable as you can to go thru the wall and the rest of the way. I don’t think I’d go further than 25 feet with that, but YMMV (the shorter the better for the USB cord).

Here is some reading on the subject:

Thanks for your fast replies to my question. I was just looking on Amazon and I see that they have a 32 foot 2.0 usb cable for under $15. It looks fairly heavy duty but it’s just a picture so who knows? With that in mind, I’m also looking at how to convert our front porch light to a motion controlled one. I see that I can add a motion detector to it fairly easily so that may be the best way to go. Thanks again.

A lot of times you can search for “AWG” or “gauge” in the Amazon reviews/Q&A section and find someone who talks about how thick the wire is. Also, if you click on the 1-star reviews you can see if anyone is complaining about the thickness of the wire. But ya gotta be careful – one-star reviews can talk you out of being most anything. Don’t worry about them too much if there are only a few, or the dates are long ago.

I’m using these 26’ usb cables on two of my cameras and I have had zero issues with them.

2 Pack 26FT Power Extension Cable for Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze cam

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Wow, thanks. That answers my question.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

USB extension

If you view this post I talk about extending the cable. The greater the distance the thicker the wire should be. If the Wyze power supply is not strong enough you can find a higher current one on Amazon but I believe 25’ should be no problem. I’m using the USB rated at 2 amps from the solar charge controller.