Where can I find 25', 22 AWG power, USB cables, white


I found that Monoprice sells 15 footers, I’d like to get a few longer ones.
Lot’s of people buy 25 footers on Amazon. Some have problems. I want to be able connect one camera at the end of a 25 foot run and then to daisy chain 2 cams off that one.

The only place I’ve found that specifically mentions gauge is Monoprice, and that’s only for 15 feet, And they are out of stock in white.

After a boring hour of looking at a LOT of cables on Amazon and elsewhere I found

Which claims to have power and ground wires of 21 AWG,
I’ve also found that i probably should have been using “power extension” in my search terms.

I hooked up the 25’ extension cable to a 3-Port 30W RAVPower Travel Charger Multi Port USB Charger and a V2, Worked great. Then added a 6 inch USB power cable and another V2. WORKED!
Then another 6 inch USB power cable and another V2.
I would not expect all 3 to work off one Wyze V2 wall wart.
I hooked one up to a standard Wyze V2 wall wart and it’s running a V2 cam just fine

This will allow me to deploy 3 cams up high with one cord. :slight_smile:
I’ve hooked all 3 up, daisy chained with the 6" cords, recording to SD card, in the dark with the IR lights all on an they seem to be running fine off one port of the RAVPower charger.
I’m envisioning mounting them on a building corner. This should theoretically give me a 330 degree of view using one main power run,
/edit 2
running time lapse on the 3 cams did not work
Displaying 3 cams w IR on was ok
Further testing needed

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I been using those same 26ft. cables on two of my v2 cams for 6 months, and I’ve had no issues out of them at all.

Followup -
I finally got my USB tester and 3 USB cables off Amazon:

  1. Aotnex 26ft Power Extension ROUND
  2. SIOCEN 16.4FT USB Power Extension ROUND
  3. LITGAS - 26FT Power Extension Cable FLAT

I assembled the stuff with a
Ravpower 3-Port USB Wall Charger---->The cable—>micro-female-to-USB-A adapter---->tester-----> a 6 inch USB-A extension----->V2
So the tester would be at the end of the tested cable.

Results were:

  1. The Aotnex delivered 4.7 V/0.3A to V2
  2. The SIOCEN delivered 4.98V/0.28A to V2 (remember, only 16 foot)
  3. The LITGAS delivered 4.88V/0.29A to V2
    The standard length Wyze cable delivered 5.04V and 0.28A