Will you sell your wyze car?

I think more people are thinking to sell. @R.Good is the only one playing with it! Out of 5000 orders, we have TWO customers that open it. Well, as soon as I get this thing going we will have THREE. Who needs a drone when you have this!


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I want a WYZE Drone. It will just need more power than the car.

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It’s eBay, these will all jump in in the last three hours.

What, do you mean to say that I will have to actually open the box, charge the battery, and play with this danged thing? Oh the HUMANITIES!

(And what with my nephew coming to visit next week and all…)

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Race track!


I used my own battery pack I previously posted


First 360 tumble?


Uhh, are both of the plastic rails supposed to be identical as opposed to distinct Left and Right sides? (You know, so that the horizontal bars will actually fit into both rails…)


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They have a notch in the rails and line straight bars with the notch. The straight bars only go in a certain way. Don’t use a lot of pressure.


It’s a very slight difference between the two. Basically a little notch at connection points.

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Yup, mine are identical. I noticed that as soon as I picked them up and figured they should be mirror images of each other.


Third dot flashing :weary:

Likewise on the 3rd dot. I plugged it into my PC, so probably not the fastest charge time.

4th flashing…I’m going pull it. :upside_down_face:

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What is your review on it. @Carlito ? I am going to wait until my original power pack hits four dots