Will you sell your wyze car?

I love cats, but I love my dog better.

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Cats are fine but nothing beats a dog! :smiley::dog:


Good pic

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this should be the first real test of the demand. Low starting price that is actually pretty close to purchase price when you look at shipping. If there is no demand, then this has all been far too optimistic for sellers.

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With a full battery this thing RIPS!!!


Awesome. Seems to have great brakes too :slight_smile:

Oh my!

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Ta Da!!

I saw this on ebay now

Does it need a microSD card?

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Surprised no bids on $55 or $60 starting ones. :exploding_head:

Seriously folks… the fun in this is worth way more than the price of the car.

The hunt, the wait, the unveiling, the creativity…

Just play with them.


Oh make no mistake, mine just arrived and the battery is charging. I have surveillance missions around the perimeter to do.


I think more people are thinking to sell. @R.Good is the only one playing with it! Out of 5000 orders, we have TWO customers that open it. Well, as soon as I get this thing going we will have THREE. Who needs a drone when you have this!


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I want a WYZE Drone. It will just need more power than the car.

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It’s eBay, these will all jump in in the last three hours.

What, do you mean to say that I will have to actually open the box, charge the battery, and play with this danged thing? Oh the HUMANITIES!

(And what with my nephew coming to visit next week and all…)

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