Will wyze v3 work with optical zoom

Can i put optical zoom smart phone lens or monocular in front of v3 and get it to zoom? This is without opening the v3? Has anyone tried it? My goal is to use it to make peephole camera that sees through peephole without changes. When i tried today all i got was very bright light

Didn’t you ask the same thing in this discussion?

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At that time I did not know about monocular and spotting scope things so I thought this question might be new.

Since you are experimenting with non-standard applications and introducing a multi-lens approach, you are going to run into multiple problems.

You can’t change the physics of light. You have to design the lens system to meet the physics.

The best way to answer your questions is to experiment and post your results. Trial and error.

Three problems jump out here:

  1. Getting enough light thru the very small peephole to the camera lens so that a clear image is formed.
  2. Dealing with the fisheye effect given that peephole lenses are usually dual convex lenses of differing thickness to magnify the image. Replacing this with a monocular introduces new modification issues because of the length.
  3. As @Newshound mentioned in the other thread, Vignetting. When you stack lenses, it becomes a problem. Here is a photo from some years ago taken with a small digital camera with a night vision monocular attached to the lense. Note that while the photo is square, the circle is created because the monocular lenses restricted the light entering the camera.


The thing is I know it works because it worked with my note 10. So why not with this? Would it work with reolink e1 zoom since it akready has a zoom lens? Does it have auto focus?


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