Will the Wyze Plus drain my battery too fast?

I have a camera out front with a sim card in it. We had to move the camera so it wouldn’t be so easily triggered by people driving down our street. Our camera has a 5 minute cooldown period and that allows the batteries to last longer. However, I don’t really want a cooldown because if someone triggers the camera, then proceeds to break in during the cooldown we won’t have that captured. I considered signing up for the wyze plus so we would have longer recording times, but I’m wondering how that will impact our battery. I don’t want to have to charge the batteries every day. We are planning on adding a second camera but I want to get this worked out first. I see some people have used a battery source and an extension cord, but I don’t want to drill through our walls and don’t want an ugly cord hanging from our front gutters. Any tips?

Welcome to the Wyze community @mommacude!
I’d assume your talking about the outdoor camera? If the camera is recording more, the battery will drain quicker because (obviously) recording takes up battery power. The outdoor camera has a PIR sensor, so it will only record people and animals that are large enough, not any trees moving.
You can also schedule the motion detection with rules to save battery if you’d like.