Wild rabbit every night in cold weather?

I think this is the same rabbit visits every night in the last 3 months. From the look of it, it seems like it wants to sleep? But couldn’t because of open spaces? Or too cold?
The temperature would hit freezing next week and the weather would be like 40/31 Fahrenheit for this month.

I don’t mind it lives there. But there are other wild animals: racoons, cats, crow, and who knows what else?
Also the extremely cold weather.

Not sure why it doesn’t want to go to the next door backyard. Because they have a big backyard with grass and small trees. Like 8 times my front right side yard.

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Rabbits in my neighborhood either want to get run over or eaten.

The white car in the bottom video is trying deliver a newspaper to the house on the right and did slow down so the rabbit could get out of the way.

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Having rabbits is a good sign you don’t have coyotes.

I have a family of rabbits living under my deck but haven’t seen them since the weather got cold. There’re definitely coyotes roaming the neighborhood, but it seems the rabbits still outnumber them.