Foxy Fox

This type of animal where I live is very unusual ,never seen one here before in 25 years.
Video is not bad considering it is through a window


Looks like you have a bit of woods around you. Foxes can live almost anywhere and are highly adaptable. Good chance you simply hadn’t seen them before because they prefer to stay away from humans! Nice video!!

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I agree . And yes there is a fair amount of woods around my immediate area
Although I have a very nice view out my back door while sitting on the couch , There is a Good chance I simply haven’t seen it before.

I think this is something many people will realize over the next decade. As cameras become universal people will learn they are living with animals they were oblivious to in the past. In my profession we get calls about animals all the time because don’t realize they live in areas with all these animals and get scared when they see one out and about and think it is sick or rare or needs to be relocated. Just this year a few dozen people had video in my neighborhood of a family of black bears and everyone was shocked. But our road goes through and around a very large state owned forest, that has contiguous pieces for thousands of acres all told including a very large reservoir on closed off property with a river running under the street and onward for miles to the next large lake… It wasn’t a surprise to me I just hadn’t seen them yet!

I caught a couple of animals at night on the cameras And Couldn’t really tell what they were they went by quick , One looked like a large bird running , Maybe a Turkey , Never saw one of them here before

Ha, Ha
There he is coming back the other way :grin:

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Moving pretty quick in that one! Something bigger might been on the other side :stuck_out_tongue: .

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