WiFi update

My WiFi information has changed (network name and password) so of course the cameras went offline. I want to get them hooked on the new WiFi without having to fully delete all of them and start from scratch. How can I do this? Thanks!

I found this by clicking the “Support” link at the top right, and then entering “WiFi” in the search box.



Interesting, @Loki did a test where he added a camera to the same account without deleting the camera first (I can’t remember if it was a different network but I think it was), but it didn’t delete the 12 sec AWS videos/notices. I suspect the settings will all need to be reset. Now, if we had stored profiles (stored locally on the SD card), they could simply be reloaded after running the cameras through setup.

That’s correct. If you do not first delete the camera from the app, after it is re-setup, it will come back with settings and 12 sec cloud clips intact.

It remembers the settings including the detection zone?

Yes, I just tested by resetting one of my cams to my guest wifi. The detection zone remained intact. I did have to set the camera name again. However, it even retained its order in the home screen camera list.

Well snap, thought that was going to be another plus for profiles.