Wife requests using WYZE sense on Toilet seat

Everyone please put the LID down on the exposed port to an open sewer in your house.

Unless you have a pet or a kid that likes to drink from the bowl, that is. Or a cat that can poop in it.

It’s not nice to just have an open toilet. Closed lid = better for everyone.


Hmmmm, good point on having my wife leave the seat up … wonder if I could figure out a way to place sensor on toilet tank … and the magnet on the seat … so that the “closed” position would actually be the seat in the “up” position … and the “open” position would be in the “down” position.

Yeah, no, that wouldn’t fly with my wife.

On second thought … and after discussion with my wife … I’ve decided to wait until WYZE releases a WATERPROOF sensor before placing on the toilet seat … waterproof for reasons I won’t explain on this family-oriented forum


@gotcolor you have rain that shoots in a stream in an arc? This I have to see. :laughing:

Using the tank for the sensor base and mounting the contact on the LID would be the most sanitary application. :biohazard: Your wife or whomever you decided to share this newfound electronic knowledge, would just have to understand that open is closed and closed is open.

If you wanted to have the logic correct you could mount the magnet at the back left or right of the toilet seat and silicone the base to the side of the toilet bowl. I would not do this because of the exposure to unsanitary conditions over time and the application of cleaning chemicals that the sensor is not designed to come into contact with.

For the person who says “just silicone it” that may be fine up until you have to change the battery. :frowning_face:

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Thanks for all the replies … however, I’m not really serious about putting a WYZE sensor on a toilet seat!

Just joking about a unique way of solving an age old problem of “toilet seat up … versus toilet seat down.”

A problem that has plagued humanity since the invention of the toilet.

Oh man, ozydingo has managed to make the toilet sensor a reality!


These feeds are cracking me up

Sorry, but my “sewage portal” is sparkling white and smells faintly of bleach. There is nothing offensive about it. I’ll put the lid down if I need something to sit on. Maybe you need Chlorox bleach tablets or a new brush or something.

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It’s like gates on a farm. If you find the gate open, you leave it open. If it’s closed, you close it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like a great compromise for a happy marriage!

If you suggest to Wyze a garage door sensor that is accelerometer-based, then you can use it for a toilet seat application without needing to advertise your use case. :slight_smile: ie. A sensor that senses its orientation. Xiaomi/Aqara has one already that should be adaptable to this to minimize tooling and mfg costs. Liquid proofing it would be extra though… Need a single custom gasket for that.

I get the impression that most of you have never had the unpleasant experience of being mostly asleep, finding yourselves waking up to dire need for the facilities in the middle of the night, and then the rude awakening of splashing down into the (sparkling white and bleachy) sewage portal. A thoroughly unpleasant experience to be sure.

Team Toilet Seat Down all the way! :stuck_out_tongue:


As a mom here… I want to find out how to do this! Also how to make sure they flush - just saying!! :smiley:

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Ok guys, Gwen has spoken!

And we all know what that means! Time to toe the line!

She has the power to ban us from the community … so I pledge to follow Team Toilet Seat Down the next time I have to use the facility.

But, I’ll probably forget my pledge by tomorrow. I’m just saying.

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Hah! Let your wife know that I said, “You’re welcome!” :wink:

I promise not to ban anyone for their seat preferences. I do not promise that I won’t make silly faces at you through the screen as I pretend to be shocked and appalled. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have always been the sole “stander” as a child and later as an adult… I was 15 before I even knew you could lift it up. When our kids were little, a guest left the seat up - I know because of the shriek from my daughter who got a unexposed dunking. I would be suicidal to leave it up. The funny thing to me is that while my wife is away and I am home alone, I just leave it up in spite of my training. This topic is hilarious!

You would know if I use your bathroom Because I Always put the lid down When I am done ,Wherever I am, No matter what the ,seat/lid position was when I walked in there


I’ve made a habit of leaving the seat down - point was driven home a few years ago when I dropped my cell phone in an open portal (unfortunately, shall we say, not “sparkling clean”).


I took the seat off completely.
Now I’m single.


Certainly one solution to an age old problem … but please be careful when you have to … well … you know.