why will my cam not connect after it reads code???. it just times out every time, i am completely unable to connect another cam to my system

Hello @jesuseverett, how close is the router and camera while you are setting it up?

literally 3ft. and i have gone as far as to setting it on top of the router…thinking the same thing

Please see the link below and come on back if that doesn’t help:


not the problem, the problem is that after it reads the code and says “connecting”…then it goes to the 150 second connection count down and times out every time. i have 2 others that connect, but i can NOT add this 3rd one… and it has been added before. i moved them and it refuses to connect all three again. i can connect any 2 of them in any configuration. but not 3. i have switched cams successfully and swapped them out with each other, but it will not make 3 cams viewable, only 2

Sometimes when it appears to have timed out, it really did connect after all. I’d suggest force quitting the app, re launch and see if it might be connected after all.

Hi there,

I had the same problem yesterday when I upgraded my router and was readding the devices. To resolve it, I force stopped the app and then cleared out the cache under storage. I attempted to readd the device and it connected flawlessly.

Good luck!

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ah ok, well ill give that a try. i did try clicking “cancel” and i tried letting it time out. it just wont give me the screen to name the device. which is where it creates a new device slot.

but i think that app trick will work, thanks guys