Why so much upload data usage?

One of my least used cameras is using 6.1GB upload data a month while my main camera is using 1.3GB upload data. How do i fix this? tried rebooting, removing and adding again…nothing seems to help this situation.

Is the streaming quality (HD, SD, 360p) set the same on both cameras?

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Yup, both set to HD.

Well it’s Mpeg compression, so the more movement (changing pixels) the more data. And even with zero movement in low light, depending on the CCD, you can have as much data as if the whole cam was moving. So with these cams being built to a price point, maybe try switching the two cams with each other and see if that changes the amount of data used. Having torn into most of mine, there are differences.


Excellent suggestion. :+1: This should tell you if the data usage difference is related to the camera or location.

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