Why I hate motor cycles

Two :poop: :poop: heads not watching the cars in front of them. This is from my 7 year old dash cam that I use on occasion because I don’t want to move my new one between vehicles. You will notice my speed dropped quite quickly. :upside_down_face: 51-34 MPH in 2 seconds.

My experience with motorcyclists (from the passenger car perspective) is that they don’t mind coming within a few inches (less than a foot) of another vehicle making you effectively a ‘pylon’ in their mind.

Motorcyclists seem to think of other vehicles as ‘moving pylons.’

I wish I could post the entire video but it is 3 min. long and 25.2 MB. The native recording from that cam is a .MOV file, To just get a short clip I recorded that short section using VLC and it ended up as an .avi file. Then I converted it to a .mp4 file to upload using WinFF. There has to be an easier way to crop video files (For Free) :grin:
My new dash cam records videos in .mp4 but the files are very large, even the one minute files. :frowning_face:

Are you all Apple? I’m all PC. Looks like @R.Good is Bi. Been meaning to ask him about his approach to this for a while. I suspect he’s sitting on the dope dope. :slight_smile:

I have an iPhone, iPad and a Dell laptop, do most of the stuff on the Dell.

Ah, ok then, I hesitate to reveal this because…

  1. It’s considered a PUP (potentially unwanted program) by some security software

  2. Sophisticated tech people will look down their noses at me

Yeah, so #1, Freemake Video Converter, it’s been resident on my drive for 3+ years, constrained from phoning home by the firewall. Have to say, it does simple practical editing and all the conversion tricks quite nicely, but…

#2, I’m afraid master re-encoder @seapup 'll come in and say, You are such an idiot, don’t you know how degrading that thing is??   Or similar.

And I shrink at peer pressure and the like.


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I use a homegrown utility when I have access to my office system. Otherwise, I use:

Local converter: Handbrake
Web-based converter: Online Video Converter

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WinFF works good for converting. I have to use either Windows Video Editor in my Windows 10 or VLC to crop just the section of the video I want. VLC is quite easy, Video Editor a little more difficult because I have only used it twice.

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Well stop whining and use it more. :laughing:

And @R.Good is ‘stuck-up’ (as my JHS girlfriend used to say.) He was the guy you knew would have a 240Z and a cheerleader girlfriend in a few years and leave you sucking his exhaust… :slight_smile:

Don’t even get me started on the rest of the handMavens… :grinning:

I just made a short clip on Video Editor the same as the one I posted. The clip I posted is 1.50 MB, the same video I made using VE is 20.8 MB, :astonished: but it did save as a .mp4 file. :upside_down_face:

Hmm, I don’t know how common among converters this is, but the Freemake thing lets you designate a size to reduce to/under by any means necessary. Which cannot work miracles but does do wonders sometimes if you don’t mind degradation or a different aspect ratio…

Oh, and the other thing is I’ve got the mp4 conversion option set to what will display correctly here on both chrome & firefox… I am clearly a genius. :nerd_face:

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All PC (Windows)… No Mac

Mobile I am Mixed Bag (Android and iOS)

I use WonderShare Filmora for video editing.
And if to large a video I just post on YouTube and make available to only those with link.

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Thanks! And I’m sorry my girlfriend said you were stuck-up. You’re clearly one of the good ones!

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avidemux is the tool you are looking for.
FOSS, Windows, mac and linux.
Can crop videos using filters.