Why does Wyze say sensors can be turned on/off

At the bottom of: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039060452-Google-Assistant-Voice-Commands

It clearly states that sensors can be turned on and off. This has been posted for years (ever since it was promised). So why doesn’t it work - another Wyze lie?

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I don’t use Google Home Assistant, but aren’t those Google commands? In other words, turning the sensors on and off as far as Google is concerned? (on=process, off=ignore?)

I would take that but Google assistant doesn’t work for sensors either.

Wyze promised the ability across the board in app, in assistants and in ifttt. They delivered none. But that didn’t stop them from posting it on their website.

I guess I am not aware of any promise to turn off sensors. This appears to be something they did for Google, even if Google never used it.

You can however turn off notifications from the sensors.

You may not remember, but look up Gwendolyn’s? Posts on Reddit when the v1 sensors came out. She promised lots of things that never happened.

It’s not google it is because Wyze never implemented it that it doesn’t work.

What is odd is that it would be to wyze’s benefit to do it and save on cloud videos uploaded via the sensor video option. But I guess the plan is for the v3 sensors to charge monthly for that.

Turning Wyze sensors on/off via Google is not going to happen because Google Home is looking for a direct connection to your sensors via WiFi.

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Then why was it promised and why does it still appear on the wyze web page as if it exists

Also if this was true how does Google assistant on a phone control plugs, lights etc when away from home.

Only Wyze can answer that.

Answer to 2nd part of question

And how do you actually ask Wyze a question since they don’t even participate in their own forum and support can only read from a script.

Participate in Ask-Me-Anything or perhaps WyzeJasonJ can answer or obtain answer.

What is the remaining question? Why doesn’t it work, is it another lie, or how do we proceed to get it working?

Google just announced a reduction in force of 12,000 jobs today, so that may hinder interoperability requests a la Wyze-to-Amazon Alexa issues.

The second part of the question is: you stated that Google worked by making a direct wifi connection to the device. If this is true how does Google assistant on a phone control devices when you are away from home on cellular or a different wifi.

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Your phone > Internet > your home router > your Google device/hub > Wyze device


Your phone > cellular network > Internet > your home router > your Google device/hub > Wyze device

But I have no Google home device. I only use the Google assistant on my phone, yet I can control all the smart devices in my home.

Google Assistant on your phone passes your request to Google Home app which acts as a virtual pseudo-hub, which is why you have to add all of your devices to Home. So in your example, you talk to Assistant, Assistant talks to Home which “talks” to your Wyze devices with control info.

The Goggle stuff is a surrogate for the Wyze app. Assistant is the voice/text input. Home replaces Wyze app.

Here is a good explanation:

What is Google Home?

This is not what I see. Checking shows for a smart life plug the url requesting the toggle is the same weather it comes from their app or Google. Meaning Google must be requesting the toggle through smartlife not somehow finding a way through my firewall to access the device

I have no idea how the Google-Smartlife interface works.

So to summarize:

  • you don’t know why Wyze web pages say you can do something you can’t
  • you don’t really care to discuss why Wyze promised things then forgets about them
  • the reason you gave for sense on/off will never happen is questionable at best.

This is a big mistake on wyze’s part since each of my sensors can generate 100’s of cloud videos every day without any cam plus or cool down. And since they only detect people no shadows or moving trees I don’t need the cam plus ai.

I’m just a Wyze user like you, with the added ability to manage forum posts. I don’t have a personal relationship with Wyze employees nor can I speak for them.

We can ask Wyze to remove the incorrect/no longer applicable paragraph on the Support help page if you wish.

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to attack you. I started with Wyze in the beginning and I know it’s my own foolishness, but I believed them. It has become apparent that Wyze who doesn’t make any hardware only software (with lots of bugs) has only one mission, and it’s not what they used to say about bringing good affordable tech to the world, it’s about profit - period. I understand it’s a business just not who they once claimed to be. They’re like printer companies, sell the printer cheap so we can hook you for life for ink.