Why does Wyze say sensors can be turned on/off

I didn’t mean to appear defensive… no offense taken with any of your posts. :+1: Wyze at the business level is learning as it matures and grows. Wyze publicly reported what changes are being made this year with regards to resource allocation, emphasis on cams, etc., in order to get back to their roots. I believe and trust what was said and can see the start of changes. It won’t be an overnight change, especially in today’s economic climate.

Most anything that google home or Alexa controls is done via an API connecting wyzes servers to googles. If you use the app or a good device it tells the google servers to interact with the Wyze device. The google servers tell wyzes servers to do that. Wyzes servers tell your devices what to do then.

Devices that connect to WiFi can talk directly with the wyze servers. Sense devices (motion sensors, contact sensors, etc) talk on their own non-WiFi signal, and the sense hub acts as a bridge to allow them to be controlled over wifi.

I don’t own any sense devices and am not sure about their features or marketing, but that’s how google talks to Wyze.