Why can we NOT get notified when the camera goes off line?

I do not keep the app open all the time and when I opened it again it looked like the last screenshot was a couple of months ago so this means my cameras were not recording to my SD cards for a very long time.

We are all going to have times where the internet or the power goes off. We just want the App/Camera to come back online and work like all the other smart devices.


How exactly does the Wyze backend know that your camera is disconnected? By polling each and every Wyze camera on the field? You’ll have to pay more to justify all that additional computing power.

Edit -

From a programming standpoint, there is no indicator that a network connection has been severed. It uses a timer, say 1 minute of no response , to “guess” that the other end is dead. Now do that for all the installed Wyze cameras.


I have a Geeni Merkury camera from Walmart that is able to do this. I bought it like 5 years ago for $15 but for some reason none of my different 14 wyze cameras can do this. Something so simple.

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I didn’t say it can’t be done. My point is it isn’t a good thing to do if you have lotsa cameras to support. How many Merkury cameras are there?

Lol first I did not reply to your message and I never said you said it couldn’t be done. Second what? Do you think there’s like only 10 Mercury cameras out there? C’mon now. What does it have to do with how many cameras a company has or not. Do you have any idea how many notification the Wyze app already puts out? It’s a notification no one has to sit there behind the computer and push a button to send out the notification.

I didn’t say that, either, I want to know comparative numbers. If Mercury decides to throw more computing power in doing that, good for them. I’d rather have Wyze use that computing power to make their AI code work better/faster.

Okay well good for you. you want certain things from Wyze, people want other things from them. It’s not all about what you want. If you’re not interested in offline notifications I don’t even know why you’re commenting on this post. have a good day.

I didn’t say that, either. Stop putting words in my mouth. I want useful notifications.

Again offline notifications may not be useful for you but they are useful for others.

Again I didn’t say that. I’m just explaining why Wyze is not doing that.

Okay now you know why Wyze is not doing that. Ok sure. Sure thing. Now we all know. Thanks🙄

Check to see if your router and/or mesh system has this capability. I have the TP Link Deco and when cameras go off line and come back on the deco will send a notification to my phone. Case in point - all my cams went down at 3:30am this morning but after 3 notifications in a row, I got up and restarted them all. It’s not my internet either because I was listening to YouTube on my smart tv that’s connected via Ethernet. I checked my cable app and it showed all connections were good. My Wyze hub is plugged into same router and it too went offline. This always seems to happen when there’s a change in the app that has been pushed in the background. If all else fails - add the Wyze widget on your phone. It won’t alert you but you can see it when you glance at your phone. I hope this helps!


And yet it’s been how many years now that Wyze’s AI still doesn’t work right.

This is a feature Wyze is working on. They previously said they were waiting to release it until after they had resolved a weird bug on some cameras where the camera would show as offline in the app even though it wasn’t really offline…it was still recording events and could still live stream, etc but for some reason the ping or whatever else it uses to tell if it’s online or not, wasn’t working right. They indicated that after that gets resolved they’d likely enable this feature for people to get notifications when their cameras go offline.

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The backend doesn’t need to know. The app knows it no longer can connect to the camera and send you a notification to have a check. You can then either fix it or snooze the alert because you expected the camera to be offline.

You are making this out to be far more complex than it needs to be.

They really need to get this fixed. I’ve been using the web while at work as it is far more reliable currently. But this has been ongoing issue for months now.

How else can the backend send a notification? The backend needs to know. Reread the OP; asking for a notification. The app might not be even active.

Just to clarify, I believe Wyze has the cameras send a scheduled “ping” between the server and the camera. If the server doesn’t see a new “ping” from the camera during that interval, the server considers the camera as being offline. Therefore it can simply notify us if there is a missed scheduled check-in or ping, which is indicative of a connection problem. Pings are very standard procedures in networking, including with IoT devices. Battery devices are a little trickier since it will drain the battery to have them check-in/ping too often, but if you don’t have them do it all then you can never know if they are offline or not, so you have to strike a balance that lets them check-in on a schedule sometimes so it’s often enough that you don’t miss knowing if they went offline, but not too often to drain the battery unnecessarily. There are some low power solutions, but optimizing it all and striking a balance is key. Even with wired devices, you don’t want to ping too often or it unnecessarily burdens the overall router/network by using up limited resources. Particularly if you have hundreds of devices like I do (over 50 cameras but well over 300 total Wyze devices and many, other IoT and other devices running through my network).

Anyway, in theory, the way Wyze would/could do this offline notification stuff is to simply alert people anytime a camera misses a scheduled check-in/ping with the server. Then send a push notification to our phone that lets us know to check on it or our network or whatever. Fairly simple. But as I said above, they said in an AMA that they want to first ensure they aren’t falsely notifying people something is offline when it actually isn’t offline.

Wouldn’t that be nice! It would be even nicer if I could have it show the events or even play the events when they do come up! That’s the problem I been having for several days now. It’s ridiculous.