Why are all 7 of our cameras gone?

Our inside Wyze Cameras were all on our Wyze app this morning. This afternoon they have all disappeared! Why? What do we do now?

First start.
Log off the app, force stop the app, restart app and log back in.

One more thing to try is power cycle your cameras and WiFi access point.

Not much. All my cameras are down as well. I haven’t seen/read anything anywhere yet. If I hear or read anything I’ll come.back and post for you.

We have forced stopped them, didn’t work.
We unplugged, let reset, restarted our router…didn’t work.
We have tried everything.
Today my husband is going to just try to add them again.
But….why did they leave and where did they go? Weird!

Are yours back yet?

We finally added all our cameras back like they were new. Never did find out why they were all lost. Hope Wyze shapes up!

this happened to me as well and when I went to add the cameras back they charged me again for the wyze plus, and my cameras are still not working.