Where's the User Guide?

I guess I should expect it by now from lightweight companies who are so foolish as to think that their user interfaces are intuitive", but I am doing google searches for individual issues, and searching for how to access the “cloud” archive of output from my V2 Cam.

The Wyze website has no step-by-step documentation, and there does not seem to be any help system at all in the android app.

So, were’s the docs?





Click the support link at the top of the page. There’s tons of info there, including in text and video form.

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I too, would like to see a user guide, even if it’s only an online version.

The instructions all refer to “tabs” in the app. I see no tabs whatsoever in my app. A map of the menu options would be of help too because I can’t find how to navigate to where I need to be.

Tabs refer to the five button along the bottom of the app, version 2.x.

For lots of great tutorial info, see this:


(This is all accessible by clicking the Support link at the top of this page)

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Thanks, Rick. That helps.

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