Where is V4 on my list of cameras?

I just got a new V4 and I can’t find the V4 to activate it. What am I missing?

Welcome to the community @fredgill1971

What version of the Wyze App are you using with your iOS Device?

Here is how you get to the devices to add:

  • Tap on the + at the top right of the home screen
  • Tap on Add Device
  • Tap on Cameras

Mine shows up as the first option “Wyze Cam v4”. Are you not seeing it?

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Most likely your app version is older than the V4 camera has been in existence.

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Not seeing V4.

I would assume my app would prompt to be updated but not so far. Maybe I’ll uninstall and install again.

No. Your app version generally will not auto update. No need to uninstall. Just go to the App store and update.

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Awe thanks I see it now.