Where can I view the CMC captures online at? (trying again...)

I’d like to view the recordings in CMC from my desktop. I don’t know how to go about doing that. Where are they stored? Someone asked this very same question but the answers only said “THAT” it would be recording and didn’t say “WHERE” one can go to view them.

They can only be viewed through the app just like the free 12 second cloud clips. The “event” tab off the home page.


As mentioned above you can only see these clips in the app via the Events tab. Currently there is no way to see them from your desktop.

There are several #wishlist items that are related. I would lend your vote to one of those if this is a feature you feel strongly about.


And just to pile on, the “WHERE” is Wyze’s “cloud” servers (currently using Amazon virtual machines and storage). As noted there is no direct way to reach them from a computer.

You could install an android emulator onto your desktop. Then you could access the cloud through the emulator on the desk top. I use Blue Stacks.