Where can I get wyze motion & contact sensors shipped to Canada?


I don’t need the cams, just the motion and contact sensors. Wyze Shop doesn’t have an option for Canada.

I checked amazon on both canada/us sites but no bueno. Also tried petsmart, nothing…

Hmmm I noticed theres an amazon pay button at the top. If I used this instead of filling the credit card section, would I be able to get it shipped to Canada?

A V2 camera or Pan camera is required to use the sensors.

They’re working on it! Vote here:

I’m not sure! I’m not from Canada so I don’t know how to del with this. I’ve herd this website is good but I haven’t used it.


Yes, I know that. I have V2 cams already.

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The price is pretty ridiculous and i’ve never used this site but…

Yea… no, I’ll pass on that one :disappointed:

Good choice lol…

The full kit on Amazon.ca is our only real choice other than reshipping services.

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Note that the contact sensors have issues and there will be no warranty in Canada as noted above.

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