What software to use to watch video playback?

What software do you use to watch video playback?
Would like software with fast forward, fast playback (x4, x8), slow-mo.

But here’s the one feature I would really like… Synching of playback (time codes) with multiple cameras. It old be nice to watch videos on say four cameras at the same time wand have the time-codes in synch and be able to play, pause, fast forward, slow-mo and speed forward x2, x4, x8 all videos at the same time.

Any suggestions?

If I take files off the card and view on my computer it’s with vlc player. If I want to view multiple cameras or files at once, I’ll open up a video editor and sync them myself


Agree with @Omgitstony - VLC is what I use for both card playback and RTSP. Also use Tiny Cam Pro but I have issues with it and the developer has not responded, so it’s in limbo.

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