What Micro SD Cards Do You Have Working in Your Wyze Cam?

I have 4x Wyze Cam v2s. One inside, and the other 3 outside.

I have a 64GB card, and 3x 128GB cards in my cams, and they are all working great. The 128GB cards hold 14 days of full-day recordings, and about half of a 15th day.

Sound off, what SD cards do everyone else have working in their Wyze Cams? I’m curious if a 256 or 512GB would work. Hoping someone may have tried some.

Here are the two cards I have working:

Samsung EVO Select 64GB (UHS Class 3 aka U3)
Samsung EVO Select 128GB (UHS Class 3 aka U3)


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Agreed with @OverWatch. I do use the EVO’s as well.

Do you have to format the cards before you use them, or do Evo’s work out of the box?

Cards need to be formatted FAT32. If it’s a 32GB card or smaller, it will probably be already. If it’s larger, you will need to format it FAT32 because it will probably come as exFAT.

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Does the Class matter? I thought I read somewhere that the cards needed to be Class 10? But I see that yours are not. (I have no idea what the class means, btw…)

Class relates to read/write speed. Endurance relates to how many read/write cycles the card can withstand before failing.

Thanks, Loki! is there a rating for the endurance? If so, what would I be looking for?

I have not seen a rating system for endurance. Not that there isn’t one, but if there is, I’m not aware. Cards are rated for X number of read/write cycles, but that info may not be provided, especially for non high endurance cards.

High endurance cards are generally marketed with “high endurance” and advertised as being for video/security cameras. Non high endurance cards generally void the warranty for using in that type of application in the fine print.

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I am using these: Hyundai Technologies SDC32GU1 Class 10 (32GB) I have zones set for recording so get tons of recording time with sound on. I keep a couple of spares on hand since they are inexpensive and can change one out quickly if I notice an issue but so far…

My cams (WYZE CAM v2) are set for motion with sound on. At first my recordings were saved to my Wyze app in view playback, using iCloud storage. I recently noticed that my cams are no longer saving any recordings and all my old playback recordings are gone. My cams are telling me I need SD cards. If I’m recording motion with sound on, how many days worth of storage will a 32GB card give me? 64GB? 128GB? 256? What’s a good brand SD card that works good for this type of recording and will the SD cards be ready to just put in my cams right out of the box? Also does anybody know where my old playback recording may have gone?

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Has anyone tried the Samsung select EVO 512GB card? I want to try it but I was hoping to hear from anyone else who already tried it.


  • Dan

32 GB class 10 micro SD cards from Micro center each for 3.99, it carries 3 year part and labor warranty,
If any of my Pan cam start destroy them, I can get them replace for free.

I ordered the sd card from wyze together with the camera, which they might tailored made ordered.
it is working well.

Stay away from SanDisk micro SD cards. I just had one go into read only mode and cannot get it out. Looked to warranty out the card with SanDisk but the warranty does not cover this card being used in surveillance cameras.

Did anyone try this 128GB card from MicroCenter? I am debating on buying this for my camera’s. From reading this post it seems like it will hold 14 days of recording, which is more than enough.


I’ve been running these with good results. 10 of them so far and no failures.

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O my I just put a 32g Sand Disk in my camera, for now all is working just fine.

That what I am using also>

Been using these and get about 7 days with no problems. I may try the 128 . Would be nice to find one that’ll get out to 30 days.