What happens if the wyze cam is unplugged?

For example after it’s set up and I unplug the power cord then plug it back in, will it continue to work or will the wyze cam reset and I have to set it up again?

Also what would happen if I unplugged the power cord while the wyze cam is turned off versus when it is on? Would it be the same result?

I have set up 4-V2 cameras and have turned them off and unplugged them multiple times.
I do this to relocate them in different locations within my wifi range. I have never had a problem with them working once power is restored. That’s all I know.

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The camera will automatically restart and reconnect in about one minute after power is restored.

If power is cycled when the camera is in OFF mode, I believe it will return to ON mode when it restarts.

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There is some evidence that if power is removed just as the camera is saving data to a microSD card, the card may become corrupted, and possibly damaged permanently. If you search, you’ll find a number of posts here from users who have experienced damaged SD cards. One hypothesis is that the file structure might get corrupted if power is cut at an inopportune time. Some have reported that reformatting the card fixed the problem, but there are other reports of cards being ruined.

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Agreed. Good idea to turn off mSD card recording prior to removing power.

I’ve observed that the camera also writes log files to the micro SD card every six hours. The safest approach to prevent compromising the card is probably to (1) disable local recording and (2) turn the camera ‘off’ (which really isn’t off) prior to pulling the power cable.

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@Loki - if you hold down the alt key and press the letter M on tour keyboard it will produce the Greek character micro, thus µ. Handy for µSD card abbreviation.

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I intentionally don’t do that because I don’t trust it to display correctly across all platforms and browsers.

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Hi there…

I purchased my second WyzeCam v2 and each every time I remove the power from the unit and then restore the power I have to constantly go through the set up wizard as if the configuration is lost.

Anyone have any ideas before I submit a trouble ticket?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community, @bakedcorn! You shouldn’t have to go through the setup process each time. I unplug mine on a regular basis and after I plug it back up it connects to my network in a couple of minutes. There have been a few times on rare occasions I have to power cycle my router to get a camera to connect. If your camera is not connecting within 3 minutes try to turn your router on/off and see if that helps. However, if this doesn’t seem to help, I would definitely Start a Support Ticket.

Good news, I managed to resolve the issue by holding the setup button for 20 seconds and then going through the set up process. I’ve disconnected the power a few times and the unit has thus far restored itself without any intervention.

Thanks for the quick response,

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You’re welcome! Glad to hear you got it working! :+1: