What exactly is Wyze medium

I see Wyze medium and it looks very interesting but I don’t know really what it is so what is it?

I think it is just a way for Wyze to connect to those interested in the products. This route may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, but @WyzeAmie, @WyzeGwendolyn?


Its Wyze blog site for sharing how to use and benefit from Wyze products, how to’s, tutorials, tips and tricks.


I joined and I’m glad I did some very cool ideas and they give you all of the devices that you need to make it happen and a sweet little 5% discount


Medium is actually a 3rd party website that Wyze just happens to use and goes far beyond Wyze. Medium is a platform where people can share articles, theory, writings, etc. Medium’s description says… "Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter.

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And I thought @WyzeGwendolyn was the Wyze medium!


Waddaya, some kinda gurupie? :wink:

Good question! The Wyze Medium is our current stand-in for a blog. It’s our way to share going-ons here at Wyze HQ, tips & tricks, and other topics we want to talk about that might not be a great fit for the email newsletter, social media, or other channels.


But that makes things I feel I need to check to stay Wyze up to date:
3 forums on Facebook
Wyze medium
And often “official” Wyze postings may occur about a subject on any or most of those channels.
It’s like going to 6 different bars to stay current and know what is happening on campus.


Ha good analogy! We were testing a series on Medium called Wyze Bytes, which was our solution to the problem that you’ve brought up. There is a ton of stuff going on in all of our different communities & channels, so we wanted to do a weekly re-cap of top trending posts and any announcements that we made. We paused given holiday craziness, but sounds like this might be what you’re looking for?

Question for you: which channels do you check the most & which channels do you prefer to check?

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For me, this community forum seems to be my primary source of info. Not only are there Wyze folks such as yourself, but some of the community user members are really knowledgeable. I also check the “Discover” section on the app once in a while, but rarely think to check Facebook for Wyze news/tips

My general routine is:
Here - (forums.wyzecam.com)
3 forums on Facebook - Outdoor cam, Beta, and recently Core
and just added, Wyze medium

I find the fb stuff to be difficult to track because of the way it’s organized and the posting is too simplistic.
Reddit is ok and has some good stuff, but but does not seem as active.

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I think simply is better but in today’s world everyone has their favorite site. I’m just afraid of things slipping through the cracks. I’ve seen that at previous companies I’ve worked for.

I check the forum and the various Facebook areas daily, I check Reddit every few days. I prefer the forum over other items but I see the advantage to both.

It’s just a blog on Medium for corporate communication. There vetted so you know it the real company and not something anyone just posts to

why do I have to create my new account using my fb or google id? Thats absurd

Don’t know about you but if I make six bars in one night I probably wouldn’t remember why I went in the first place!:drooling_face:.
I definitely agree about so many places to check to keep up. A central clearing house would be good!

i absolutely despise FB and their many reported evil ways and serious privacy breaches/concerns. Any company/group/etc that requires FB will never get my response,

Mainly here, but I’ll usually skim Reddit and the Facebook core group once or twice a week. Occasionally I’ll check out the Instagram. Sometimes I’ll find news on those that didn’t show up here.

GAD! Another thing to look at! I’m sure glad my full time job is “retired old F@”