What are your thoughts on electric toothbrushes?

Hello Zaul,

thanks for your feedback.

I can’t speak for what Wyze’s intentions where in the beginning, phone vs tablet.

I’ve no issues if that was the case, or not the case.

But, today, I go into the Apple Store and see that it is listed as compatible with more than just the iPhone.

If Wyze is going to list the app as being compatible with an iPad, it should support the iPad in Portrait and with Landscape modes.

If you own a Wyze Doorbell Cam, it also has issues with a phone in landscape mode as well

Concerning your comment on iPads without data, my ipad does not have data, but I use it on wireless at work, and tether it wirelessly off of my iphone… I use it 100% in landscape mode, and with the attached keyboard… it’s the preferred way to type anything, as compared to a short text or short email on the iphone.

Have a great day.


Posted: 06-06-2021

948 Days and Counting waiting for a fully compliant Wyze for iPad App

948 Days and Counting waiting for a fully compliant Wyze for Android Tablet App

It doesn’t work right on an M1 MacBook Pro either. Wyze needs to fix their friggin software before releasing anymore new products. Why is it so hard to sell products that actually do what they say it will do?! Take some pride in your work for crying out loud! And stop with all the false advertising claims and photos!

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