Welcoming 2021 - Thanks for being here

Happy New Year, forum friends!

Please forgive me for my tardiness. I both wanted to quietly celebrate and was a little paranoid about what the end of 2020 would dish out. :sweat_smile:

Last year was an incredibly challenging time for many of us. We all had to break patterns and habits to keep each other safe. We watched love, heartbreak, fear, and triumph. For a year where many of us stayed inside for the majority of it (and thank you to the essential workers that kept everything going for the rest of us :heart: ), a LOT happened.

It’s going to be one heck of a weird chapter in future history books. And the line “hindsight is 20/20” is going to take on some wry humor. But when we look back, I hope that we all remember the good things that happened as well so we can carry them forward along with our lessons about what we can do better as a society.

Stress comes out in funky ways (especially online). Yes, there were times when we Mods had to step in because tempers were flaring or guidelines were being broken.

But as a whole?

I am endlessly proud of our community. This is a group of people that are interested in a brand’s technology offerings. For our part, we backed that with a record-breaking number of app, firmware, and product launches this year. Our dream of making great technology accessible for everyone is well on its way!

But this community is more than that for many people including me. Many of us have made friends in this group. We see familiar faces and smile. We share ideas, tips, and critical information. There are people here that I’ve seen posting here for years now and we have over 30,000 profiles active enough to have reached Trust Level 1!

Together, we all braved 2020 and we made it through. Thank you for being part of this community. I look forward to seeing what 2021 brings and desperately hope it will be better for all of us than 2020! :heart:


If you thought 2020 was a crazy year, wait till you see what it does now that it turned 21 and starts drinking!

Just kidding. Thanks to Wyze for providing us with so many products at great, affordable prices compared to the standard competition. We may not all have the same taste, and I admit that there are some products that don’t really interest me, and others that I absolutely love, but that’s the great thing here, is that you’ve given us a really great selection of stuff that nearly anyone can find something they like and be able to afford, or maybe afford to get a lot of when we otherwise would not have.

We know no company is perfect, we’re all human, but we appreciate the cardinal foundations that Wyze is built upon and makes efforts to make great tech affordable to everyone (Wyze keeps their profit margins really low compared to others), and being friends with customers. You interact more with us, you make good efforts, you are much more transparent than others, and even take responsibility where others make excuses, not to mention the awesome job you all do on your AMA webinars that really impress me. As you grow you also get a lot more vocal critics too, it’s normal and happens to all the best and most successful companies. Keep your cardinal foundational principles in mind, and despite your mistakes, weaknesses and shortcomings that will all come out and happen over time (no company can be perfect), we will still love that you are built on something solid and enjoyable and many of us will continue buy stuff and support you (and each other with great ideas in this forum of how to use things in creative and effective ways!).

Keep up the great work, and best wishes to all @WyzeTeam and in this community. Attitude is everything. Push forward.


I’m going to share this with the whole team. It is wonderful, inspiring, and makes me feel like our efforts are being seen. Thank you so much! :heart:


Happy New Year, Gwendolyn, and thanks.

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Why do owners of preexisting cameras before the new charges have to now pay for what was promised?.

I never got a timeline notification of pay as you go, nor a message of hey were here to make a huge mistake and try to charge for something we offered free.

I’ve bought, sold and traded, gifted over a hundred devices through many means and my people all come back to me with their issues…their cameras are failing, their new phone doesn’t work with latest firmware, they lost functionality of features, they have endless pop ups and sd card failures regularly while the camplus add are rampant.

We need RTSP AS A STAND-ALONE. No compromises. Release your hooks. It’s that or you won’t survive 2021 with the new bad news about your failure to meet customer needs as a baby monitor… because surely you’re not a security company doing failures like this.

Geez, leave customer alone. What did he/she ever do to you? #istandwithwyze #customerisokbyme

Wyze has moved on and their new normal does not consist of their past customers. They have new fun products, which you can recommend to people who come to you with issues with their old one.

@WyzeGwendolyn and Wyze as a whole - Happy new year to you all. As stated above, I appreciate all you are bringing to the market and making it available to all. I have personally brought 3 other families into the Wyze mix all with nothing but compliments on a the products, price and use. Kudos to the team.

I have been in IT for years and have used smartthings, Hubitat, and Wyze. Yes it is a sickness… :). I like both Hubitat and Wyze systems, but my go to device is Wyze as I like the simplicity of the product. Yes there are problems, as with all products, but nothing that cannot be overcome. After watching the latest AMA, I am excited to hear about the app changes, standalone hub/bridge, and the general direction you all are taking.

We all experience times of concern, but I opted to try and become part of the solution. I became a beta app tester and have signed up to be a hardware tester as well.

Looking forward to getting my preorders soon. Again, compliments to Wyze on a job well done. looking forward to 2021.


Dear WyzeGwendolyn… I must say, Wyze is a breath of fresh air. And 2021 will be far better.

I once criticized WYZE’s order entry system and the shipping costs and was pursued by angry Wyze groupies. Who would have known? Here I am, a retired Quality/Industrial controls/Technical Sales manager getting my tail feathers singed by loyal customers. Hey, that says something.

Today, my hobby is Arduino/RPi/Jetson Nano microcontrollers for industrial testing and control with smartphone man/machine interfacing and offsite control. I use WYSE cameras as visual aids independent of the control itself. I knew the manufacturer, but I needed more than that. Naturally, my life points in a different direction than the WYZE groupies… non the less, I was impressed with the WYSE angle and thought it would benefit me.

I think WYZE is on to something. They are connecting third party technology sources with end-users with added value forging a partnership and service. On a national level, this used to be performed by the once almighty department stores. Later as malls developed, they would introduce new products to the masses with some support. Now both are in freefall. There’s a gap.

Amazon fills it nicely on a generic basis. It reduces the risk of new technologies or suppliers you never heard of before. It offers a consistent format to compare or search for products one needs or desires. It provides a method to improve delivery security. Of course, it is a pretty decent way to return an item if it just doesn’t fit into your “quality” expectations. And guess what ?! My wife and I strolled into an Amazon brick and mortar store in Orlando, Florida, in the Millennium Mall. This is the first time I could experience what it must be like to be in a computer tapping into Amazon (Tron). Remarkable… and a testament to humans’ need to physically interact at some point.

WYZE is forging a similar approach, which I suspiciously believe to be a stumble-on. A technologically unique customer relationship to improve the demanding interrelation of the consumer and supplier/manufacturer. A good relationship provides the supplier/manufacturer with a competitive edge in a capitalistic environment and the consumer more control and sense of fulfillment one feels in a socially-focused environment.

So, WyzeGwendolyn, I applaud WYZE… even though there may be bumps in the road, for their efforts in showing the world how this newly rebranded marketing approach, and customer focus and social/economic development can be profitable and fun for all.

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