Weird Lights Captured

Last night I was sitting in my basement and my Wyze camera kept going off that there was motion. This is normal for dust, or a bug flying by once in a while, but every couple of minutes it kept going off. I pulled up the camera and there was a set of 4 lights moving in different patterns in my garage. There are no lights, windows, or way for light to get in. If someone pulled in my driveway other cameras would have went off. I live on a street where car lights would not shine into the garage and even if they could, there is no way for it to get in. After this went on for 30 minutes I went out to investigate and I couldnt see anything and it didnt happen again. Crazy stuff!


Can you upload a clip? That sounds interesting.


Same thing is happening with my garage camera… Someone said it was a bug but I don’t think so… It’s been pretty consistent.

Is this a V2? I just had a thought about it. There are four LEDs. You are seeing four lights. It makes me wonder if the camera is catching a reflection of the four LEDs off of something.

I wanted to upload 4 clips I have but it says I am too new to upload clips. :frowning: Ill try and put them on YouTube and share the link.

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Last night was the first night it happened. It looked like a miniture set of drones flying in formation. It wasnt dust and it wasnt bugs. It was consistent in pattern but motion was always different.

I dont know what it would catch it off of as there is no light in the garage, no windows, no movement. Bizarre for sure!

I increased your trust level. You should be able to upload a video. Try to upload only 1 the first time.


That’s interesting, all right! Can’t wait to hear some guesses on this one. :popcorn:

I have seen these as well on a couple of V2s, They are not consistent but show up from time to time, I assume it was a reflection of a reflection off the lens but I really do not know.

Why would a reflection move? if there is nothing around it moving?

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This is the first one of these claims that “it’s not dust or bugs” that I agree with. But sorry, I have no idea. Stumped.


I would put another camera ( if you have one ) out there, looking at the same area from a different angle. whatever it is might be caught better from a different angle, but it is important you don’t move the original camera and if you get the same thing, you will know it is the same thing you recorded before and be able to check it on the second camera.

right now just for the sake of giving a guess, ill go with something like a spider web which would be moved easily by small wind currents ( barely perceptible to humans) and given that if there were and eddy of air, it might make it move in that uniform pattern. being that most spider webs are not perfectly round it might cause it. to reflect in the spots it does as opposed to showing a reflected line. just playing devils advocate.


That is rather odd. The bottom lights do look like reflections of the top ones but the thing that most struck me is that there is no light reflection on the hood or windshield of the car, That would seem to suggest that whatever the source is it is close to the camera and not near the car. Also odd that it hasn’t happened again. That makes the drifting bit of spider web idea sound good but then you still need to explain the source of light causing the reflection. If you ever get it figured out please let us know.

Ok, since others are stumped … I’m going to take a guess.


I was watching a UFO “exposed” show on TV … and saw a similar formation of unexplained lights flying over Seattle (I think).

Now, I’m not claiming that WYZE employees are a bunch of Space Aliens … but think about it.

Think about the fact that WYZE is selling cameras for a mere $20 … Wouldn’t some alien society want to put cameras across the USA as a method of gaining a sense for how America works.

And, as further proof … why did WYZE name its latest offering “WYZE Sense.”

Now, least you think I’m joking about this … I have several indoor WYZE cameras … so my wife and I are now wearing aluminum foil hats so that we are blocking the signals that WYZE cameras are beaming back to some alien society.

And God forbid, if the next WYZE product is called “WYZE Probe,” I’m really going to panic.


I wouldn’t be surprised if hackers have compromised your system and are messing around. Someone left a review on Amazon about their Cam picking up a full conversation between two people who were speaking some sort of foreign language. They also posted their video.

the source of the lights would be the IR’s from the camera itself if it was a reflection on a spider web


That’s an interesting possibility, that it could be lights from the internal IRs. What if the IR filter moved slowly instead of snapping one way or the other? Might we see something like this? Of course I can’t explain why the IR filter would change in a room with no lighting changes…

I haven’t heard of the IR filter moving slowly, there are from time to time reports of the filter getting stuck, but even then the reflection would have to be something external ( at least the item that the reflection is coming off)

I still support using two cameras if possible, that way if its caught on one camera and not the other you will know from what angle its happening, or you might be able to get a better view of the object. :slight_smile:

I love trying to debunk these things. I wish they would happen with my cams…but nothing thus far.