Weird lights almost nightly for weeks

I’ve had these “lights” show up in my backyard at least several times a week for multiple weeks now. I actually don’t know when they started because I moved our V3 from the front porch to the backyard one night in hopes of catching the deer that eat my garden. Instead I see this weird thing so I kept the camera out back and have been tracking it since. They are two lights that almost resemble eyes and there are a few nights where there are multiples way up in the sky dashing around.

-sometimes it’s low and in the yard, hovering over the garden or grass. Other times it’s in the trees and sometimes it’s way high in the sky. Sometimes it’s close, sometimes far.

-it does go behind things. So I assume it’s not a reflection since I have videos of it going behind trees, etc.

-it’s only visible on the camera. I’ve caught it early enough in the evening that I sent my husband out (because I sure as heck am not) and you can’t see it with the naked eye. Also, whenever you go outside, it flies into the trees.

-I know it is not a bug. There’s no way. We have tons of bugs I see on camera and with this consistency, size, and behavior it’s just not. I actually thought it was a drone but we live in a rural area and are surrounded by woods so I don’t see anyone flying a drone in our backyard for multiple nights and hours at a time. It looks and behaves like a drone though.

-it is not a reflection of the playground lights. I covered those for a few nights and the “thing” is still there.

-it’s not a bat or an owl given the nights it’s hovered for hours, also the lights never change…the bat or owl would have to be hovering and staring at our house for hours.

I’ve cleaned, repositioned, power cycled etc the camera and it doesn’t seem to be a camera issue.

I have hundreds of clips saved and don’t even know where to start as far as sharing goes.

What the heck is it?

Ugh I just realized I can’t post the videos :weary:

Never mind, thank you whoever changed my ability to post videos!

Bugs or dust. Close to the camera o it looks far larger than reality.


I would say Drone. Is the camera outside? Can you record sound? They usually make a bit of noise and unless the cicadas are going crazy, you might be ab;e to hear it.
I gotta say though, with the sunflower off to the left, you have yourself a pretty good beginning for a scary movie.

Yeah it’s just sitting on the deck, no noise but like you said, it’s hard to hear much over the roar of the frogs and cicadas. My husband went outside when it was hovering over the garden and while it quickly went into the woods, he said he didn’t hear anything.

It is really drone-like, which actually freaks me out more than anything else because who is flying a drone for hours in our yard/over our house almost nightly since mid August and possibly before? No one lives back there for miles.

I’m talking about the little two light object further back by the trees, not the bugs and humidity flying around closer to the camera.

Here’s a video of it closer (I know the thing crossing paths with it is a bug) and another one of when I saw it with multiples of the same thing (if you freeze frame it you can see there are several two light objects). They get the zoomies and mostly look like blurs. All the better videos that show more are longer and have too big of file sizes to upload :weary::weary:

Also none of this triggers the motion sensors. I have to physically go back and scroll through the overnight video to see it so I’m sure I miss a lot.

Looks like a horizontal spider web in the air and the dual lights are the ir lights on the camera reflecting back at the camera.

See the video here:


Yep, spiders like to fly. When the static electricity and a breeze is just right, they take off. My kids didn’t believe me until I showed them in the field out back one night.

If you look at the of the OP’s last video, you can see the horizontal thread about to take off.

Here are some explanations:


I do get spiderwebs quite a bit but they’re closer to the lens usually. I think with these videos, the streak isn’t a spiderweb but is the camera just not being able to keep up with how fast it’s moving, giving the illusion of a “streak” if that makes sense. Also I notice it more when it’s super humid out, the videos aren’t as sharp and things “lag”. I am thinking something internal though with the lights…are the IR lights inside two side by side like that? I can’t figure out why sometimes it’s far, sometimes it’s close, etc. But it’s always those two lights. I have a lot of videos where it goes behind something and so that made me move back to drone than internal lens stuff but I don’t know. I’m confident it isn’t a bug or spider or anything given the consistency in how it looks and the hours and hours over almost a month of videos I have, but it’s got to be some sort of camera issue right? I did switch it out for another V3 we have over the garage, and it showed it as well so I don’t think it’s a defect. I’ve also moved it around the deck and changed angles.

Well, you’ve got a good mystery on your hands.
Now that the WGA strike is in full bloom,
you can cash in with your footage.
Maybe you can parlay this footage into some creepy, extraterrestrial movie.
Think Blair Witch Project.
Or maybe you do the opposite and make it a little more Disneyesque.
If I can think of an elevator pitch, I’ll get back to you.
Good luck!

If not a bug, then a spider web filament with something stuck to it.

It is probably not as far from the lens as it appears also. Most likely close. Because you are shooting in IR, the IR is reflecting back and spotlighting the microscopic object.

The reason you are getting dual images, with one a bit fuzzier and trailing, is because of the way the IR light is refracting thru the lens. It creates a shadow image.

For example, check out this spider web filament video from tonight. There is only one object on the filament waving around in front of the cam, but it produces the image of multiple objects moving in unison.

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I vote for a drone. The motion matches it exactly. Go out there with a really bright flashlight. Hide somewhere until it comes into view on the camera and then blast it with the flashlight, and it will reveal itself.

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And a shotgun to blow it out of the sky.

But yeah, I’m guessing drone too. Could be a peeping Tom situation, who knows.

And an FAA investigation to go with the felony conviction under 18 U.S.C. § 32

To me the lights are equidistant every time and always track in the same direction. They move a bit light car headlights when slowly maneuvering into a parking space… or driving off.

Is it possible that roadway light is coming across the camera lens from one or multiple sides? For example, is there a roadway to the right or left of the camera? It may be refracting on the camera lens with light coming from a sharp angle.

Can you place “blinders” around the camera (much like on a horse) to block light coming in from the sides?


Hypothesis: Dragonfly mating season. Each dragonfly head with it’s giant eyes looks like a light. The lights from yard spotlights reflecting off their two heads while they are flying around mating. ?

I’m in Arizona and for a few months now. I’m seeing almost the same thing. Except I’m also seeing the area around the lights almost pool out like a still puddle of water that is lightly tapped. It’s super weird. And the almost demonic voices that are also recorded. Mine are also only seen on camera.

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