Weird bugs or aliens?

Weird bugs or aliens?

My vote given the two choices: weird bugs.

My guess is the that the first is a moth (with 7 or 8 beats of its wings in one “long exposure” time frame). If you play the video a single frame at a time with VLC, you will see they don’t overlap. In other words what you are seeing is not the size or shape of the item being imaged. It’s not SuperCaterpillar :slight_smile:

The second one with the four synchronized dots, I don’t know. But guess it is gnat like insects doing some mating ritual.

But their synchonization is quit impressive.

Following is a link to Starling “murmuration”. It’s incredible too. I wonder how often they get reported as UFOs.

Unbelievable Starlings

Edit: it didn’t take long to find a murmuration video being labelled as ‘MORPHING “Portal UFO” Seen All Over England 7/21/17’

Disclosure: I am a skeptic when it comes to paranormal claims.