WCO Time Lapse Clearing Driveway

We got about 4 inches of snow late yesterday and thought I’d set up a time lapse on the WCO overlooking the driveway.
Next time I will set the interval to 2 seconds rather than 5.


I want to get my snow blower out but we still don’t have any real snow! It keeps teasing us.

We did get a bunch of ice last night but that’s it

I’ll take snow over ice any day of the week! This was the second snowfall that needed the snow blower. Up until 4 days ago, the most was an inch of slush.

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I have an easier solution. I live in southern California. We don’t no stinking snow!

snow isnt so bad if you live somewhere that knows how to handle it

I used to live somewhere that got more snow than I do now and they knew what they were doing, my friends Lamborghini didn’t get stuck on the few occasions we took it out in snow :innocent: we had some odd nights

@Bam is right, Wisconsin highway departments can take care of all but the worst storms (more than 16 inches in a few hours). Now, the idiot drivers during the first snow storm, THAT’S a different matter! :rofl:
I’ve lived here my entire life and love being outside in the snow. I have gone running in the early mornings when it is so quiet and cold, that you can hear the trees crack from the cold ( 5 below zero). It is magical.

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Our nights the past week have been in the mid 40s - frigid cold. I like to be warm. My general attitude is that if it EVER snows, it’s too cold a climate.

I lived in the Upper Peninsula, which if you’re in Da big W you might know what im talking about :sunglasses:

non Midwesterners more than likely wont.

Yup, I know. And anybody not from this region won’t truly understand how close this video is to the truth.

And @K6CCC, when it hits 40 in the spring here, I’m in a tee shirt and shorts. :rofl:

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