Time Lapse of Ice Out on Lake Minnetonka Minnesota

it’s a little blurry because file size was limited… but it’s one of the best days of the season!


Interesting. I expected it to be smooth and consistent and was surprised how jerky and sudden a lot of the changes were.

I started doing time lapses in SD format. It works specially good for uploading to places like Facebook that compress video because they don’t have to compress as much and you don’t get it as grainy. You don’t really notice much of a difference in it as long as you aren’t watching it on an HDTV


Thanks for the Tip. Will try that next time!


That is a good tip. I will have to try this as well. Time lapse can be so frustrating for me on my WCO because it is a big pain to get it to process big files. Doing time lapse in SD will make it easier to finish the processing, etc especially if it’s not going to hurt the quality much for certain purposes like that.

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That brings back fond memories of when I was a kid and lived on Lake Mendota in Madison, WI. We lived on the north side of the lake and strong south winds would pile the honeycombed ice up on our break water 10 feet high.

Nice! And hello to a fellow Minnesotan! :slight_smile: :beers:

Ice out should involve at least a sinking fishing shanty or old car! :slight_smile:

That’s an all winter long occurance up here, usually trucks or atvs.

nice! I just had a fox9 notification that ice out was declared :slight_smile:

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You need to cleanse yourself in the waters of lake Minnetonka🕊

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing…

beat me to it.
…but purify