WCO drains to zero in days, not weeks or months

I think you should check and see what the signal says on the cam itself. Settings> Device Info.> Signal Strength, The one you posted is from the base, it may or may not be the same.

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I am having the same problem. I bought two cameras at the same time and one of my camera’s battery discharges within a week while the other lasts a month or so. Per this blog, I have tried various methods of charging the batteries. I am at a loss as to why this battery started acting so much differently than it had in the past and now drains so quickly.

Not sure why having power off when charging would matter once camera is turned back on. It will be at 100% and I’d think would drain (or not drain) exactly the same

I have the same problem. I basically am using it as a remote camera to check on things here and there, so I have detection disabled, no scheduled recordings, did not sign up for cam+ etc. Nothing in the event logs Signal is at 3 bars on the camera and base station is right next to the router also with 3 bars

For anyone: would periodic loss of base station connectivity to the home network cause an issue?

Also, seems like lots of folks having trouble but I don’t see any solid response yet from tech support.

Please do not try and think it through.

The OP is experiencing a problem. Those of us that participate here, when possible, will try and share what worked for us.

Same reason as to why restarting your computer or cell phone is different than powering it off fully, then powering back on. It just is what it is.

Many people here, who have not experienced a problem, post generic information. Some, that experienced a problem, address what worked for them.

For me, connectivity/signal strength was never a issue.

Yes, and there have been some recent firmware issues that did exactly that. What specific firmware versions are you running on your Base & camera?

This is a user-to-user community. If you want to talk to tech support:

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Wyze. Their phone number is (206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.

They’re open for support between 4 am-8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturday.

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Yeah we all get the power off power on thingy. Was looking for something much more specific than generic thanks
To newshound thanks for the response. I’m running most recent versions on base and cameras

“Most recent” isn’t really helpful. Some people say that automatically. Some people can’t see the latest updates, and think they are on the most recent. And then there is the matter of whether you are running the most recent production firmware, or Beta firmware. If Beta, running the most recent could actually be an issue.

So what specific firmware versions are you running on your Base & camera?

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cameras 4.171.287
base station

camera batteries are draining about 1% per hour. 2 bars signal wise on both.

thanks !!

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Thanks! I don’t know of any issues with those versions, but the day is young, lol.

Anything that keeps an Outdoor camera running indefinitely can drain the battery quickly. Some things that can do that include:

  • Base fast-blinking blue (means it lost its router connection, and the camera will keep tying to reconnect thru it)
  • Constant heat variations at the camera (will keep the camera awake, but you should also get lots of notifications)
  • Viewing the live stream all day (a battery-powered camera is meant to slumber all day, waking up only occasionally to report passing heat sources).

Do any of these sound like possibilities? You said they had 3 bars in one message, but 2 bars in this one?

Thank you newshound for your reply
The base station does lose connectivity here and there and does the fast blue blink Not sure if hooking up the base station via ethernet would be better. If the issue is on the Cox Cable side then I’d be screwed either way.

No heat issues. We live in florida where its 60-85 throughout the night/day. I turned off all notifications to try to hone in on the battery drain cause, but no joy. I’m getting 1% drain an hour with both cameras off thru the app. Motion detection disabled, etc

I do no live stream. I only have turned it on to ensure the cameras can connect. I’m really just trying to use it to monitor if our backyard is flooding via turning the cameras on every once and a while (2 times a day) then turning them off. I’m not relying on motion detection and have that disabled

Hope that helps and thanks for engaging with me

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It is possible they haven’t fixed the fast-blink problem yet, although from the change notes it sure appears they thought they had. So two possibilities: Can you see if moving the Base closer to the router helps, and if not if connecting it via Ethernet cable helps?

If they haven’t fixed the fast-blink issue with the Base yet, then I would still expect another fix is coming. But this may help in the meantime.

The base station is 3 feet from the wireless router and consistently shows 3 bars every time I check, which is alot :slight_smile:
I’ll try the ethernet thingy in the morning and post back. I want to see if cameras continue to drain at about 1% per hour so I have something to compare it with. I’ll post again tomorrow
Hope that makes sense, thank you again !!

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