Unacceptable battery drain on WCO2

Ok all. First I can’t get any help from customer service. Second I got the WCO2 yesterday. I admit I did livestream for 2 hour as I was looking for a package. After that I turned off the cam, charged to 100% when I got the message from my app it is fully charged. So I took it to a low traffic area, 3 bars, set sensitivity to 10% for both, disabled motion detection so it would only turn on when I looked at it. Firmware for both cam and base fully updated: Cam is 4.174.124. The base: iPhone app: I removed Cam Plus from the cam and turned off notifcations. From 4 PM yesterday to 4 am today the cam went from 100% battery to 0% battery. As I stated I am getting no help from Customer Service which seems to be common lately. So I’m not sure what I’m missing. Oh and I’m connected through ethernet.

Hi @FriendofFeralCats, good to chat with you again.

That does sounds like some fast drain…

What is your Event Recording and Recording Cooldown set to?
When you had cam plus on the WCOv2 Cooldown can be much lower than without Cam Plus. If the cool down is low and motion is detected the camera will still record even though your notifications are off.

Did you see a lot of high duration events for the camera in that timeframe?

Default and I don’t have events enabled. I just want it turned on for when I look at it,

So you aren’t recording anything and the setting looks like this?

What are you seeing in the Battery Usage Page Under Device Info?

How far away is the camera from the base?

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That’s how my settings look and the cam is 15 feet from the base, 3 bars

But I did stream for 2 hours before fully charging the cam as I was looking for a package. Still, it shouldn’t drain like that when I made the adjustments after the full charge to what I have now.

Seems excessive for sure.

If this were me, I’d bring the device in for a full charge with power off. Deploy it again and monitor, if the excessive drain happens again then I would contact support regarding a replacement rather than assistance in the settings.

I’d be curious as to what @Antonius thoughts are, if there is community memeber that knows the WCOs in and out it’s @Antonius :wink:

After a full charge (again) does the battery usage information update? Or is it supposed to? Because it didn’t update after the full charge yesterday.

And why would there be a battery drain when I turned off the cam? When I saw that the cam was at 43% and I already got my package, I turned off the cam from the app as it was outside and I couldn’t go out there, and it still went down to 1%? does it have to be turned off physically on the cam? And does the base have to be turned off as well?

Yes. The data should be data captured post full charge.

I would also clear you app cache before redeploying after full charge for good measure.

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The only way I drained a battery in my version 1 WCO from 100%-0% was last week when I sent up a new scheduled recording to the SD in the cam and failed to notice that the new default now seems to be continuous ? Previously the cam would remember the prior settings which I had always set at motion only.


It didn’t. I just got the solid red light, unplugged, turned the cam on, solid blue. Cleared cache and yet the battery drain thingy hasn’t updated.

Force close the app and open it again.

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Now why didn’t I think of that. thank you. I’ll test it inside for a day or two but do you have any ideas why the fast drain that I mentioned above? And I don’t have it under any schedules at all.

I currently have no idea, still thinking. As for the days since last full charge mine have been hit and miss. The usage has been very close to what is shown on this camera . I charged a different cam 4 days ago and it shows last full charge 4 days ago ??

Thank you

PIR needs to be smaller, imo. It wakes up too much and even if the wind blows it wakes up the cam. It should only wake up by manual detection zone imo.

Well I’m sending it back and will just stick with my V3s and powerbanks. It’s too hard for me to figure out but thanks anyway

If you want to try to get a replacement it’s probably just defective, I have 3 WCOs and I’m sure R.Good has many as well without that issue. You will probably have better luck on the next one.

Me and @R.Good with the “Last Charged Today” from the solar panels :rofl:

I still can’t figure it out. It’s useless for my needs now that I’m reading through everything. I already started the refund process. But thanks.

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