Waypoints how do they work

Regarding the waypoint which I set up on the pan v3 ain’t this supped to follow you as you pass the cam if not then what is it’s feature or how is it supposed to work?
I had my cam on and it never followed me I only seen myself as I come into that view.

Waypoints are simply areas set for the camera to cycle through. It is not used to follow you.

If you would like the camera to follow you, live stream the camera and then scroll below the live stream to the left until you see the Track Motion icon and then turn it on.

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Waypoints are resting spots for the cam to dwell for a bit while completing it’s “Scan” of the area. This is the Pan Scan function on the toolbar.

If you want it to move to follow motion, enable the Track Motion option on the toolbar.

You may need to scroll that toolbar to the left to see the rest of the buttons on the right.


When I try to set my waypoints, I am presented with this screen

I can’t control where the camera is set at.

It looks like either your phone has very small screen dimensions or you have enabled Android display zoom.

Use the directional control pad located above “Preview” to move cam to desired view and tap “Set”. Repeat for additional waypoints. Tap Save when done.

Android screen zoom set to minimum:

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Thank you so much, The Android display zoom was enabled. Problem solved.


The nice thing about setting waypoints even if you don’t use the auto-pan-scan feature is the ability to quickly move cam view to a preset location. When live streaming the cam, just tap on one of the waypoints located under the live stream.

If you have waypoints defined and you don’t see your waypoints under the live stream display, drag the Recent Events panel down by swiping down on “Recent Events”:

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