Wanted playback features


Scrub for forward and reverse, please. Finding the right event while reviewing SD card footage is P A I N F U L :wink:

In case you are not aware… once you get the timeline close to the time you want to view, you can use a pinch out gesture on the timeline to expand it (zoom in) to be able to more easily hit the timestamp you are looking for.

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Pinching in or out does not work for me. I am running the latest beta version on a galaxy s2


Try putting the phone down and using two fingers, making sure you are moving them horizontally and away from each other. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier.

Hello, I’ve done that, but it does it work. PS my camera’s firmware is and app ver 1.3.125 and my job is as network support so if you have any suggestions I should be able to follow them. Thank you

I think I’d try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Ive done that a couple of time, I’ve also deleted the app memory cache, then ran the install, reinstall. This is not a big deal, I LOVE my camera’s and willing be buying more. I’ve advised others of their value and will continue to do so. I have 6 cameras now an will be buy more in the future. Thanks

Are you pinching on the timeline itself? It doesn’t work on the camera view, only on the timeline, below the picture.

I agree that playback is painful. The timeline pinch feature is helpful but still not user friendly compared to the competition. The application could use additions to help navigate through playback. For starters…
-The continuous recording playback could have a fast forward function which might provide 4x/8x etc playback speed.
-The record events only playback could provide a review of day showing all events at 4x speed.



having netflix 10/30sec forward backward buttons would be a great help. using two hands to pinch isn’t great when you only have one hand free. Plus I find 10 second/30 seconds forward back can usually get you where you want to be at.


I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that fast forward playback is coming to beta testing soon.

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Since I posted this back in July, it seems as though fast fwd has slipped behind some other priorities in the dev stream and will not be included in the next app release. However, I believe it is still pretty high on the roadmap.

I think it’s the only (yet important) feature request I have to make for you app. That’s the best way to navigate through videos in 2019, in particular on mobile devices, and the slider currently offered is really frustrating.


Where is the 30sec rewind on the roadmap?

A lot of roadmap items have moved to #wishlist

Couldn’t find it.

I added rewind to the title because it’s also a part of that thread.

Maybe this has been asked before but, as this thread is for wanted playback features, how about a continuous playback on the event view so that we can review all events from the one selected… if filtered, then all filtered events one after the other. Optional “Next” “Previous” “Replay” “Pause” “Snapshot”