Vintage Style LED Smart Bulb

Add Vintage Style LED Smart Bulbs. If you don’t know what these are, they are LED bulbs which look like old school incandescent filaments. The glass on them is often smoked or clear so you can see the “filament” inside. Wyze Competitors are also starting to release smart versions of these bulbs.

These are all the rage right now and my wife would love them.

These are also called “Edison Bulbs”. Just one example:

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can’t vote until it is approved which I was just notified about.

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Cool. I voted as well.

I just saw that Phillips Hue is now making Edison bulbs. I think it would be awesome if Wyze could look at this as well. I would love to see other styles available, especially love the vintage, industrial designs.


Looks like you may be in luck as this topic states ‘in-development’


@mike.s mentioned up here that BR30 will most likely be the next bulb shape. I haven’t seen them comment on Edison-style bulbs, but I’d love to see that too. :slight_smile: I’ve got a couple decorative Edison bulbs in pendant fixtures.

I suspect Edison bulbs may be more challenging because they’re transparent. All the electronics would have to be hidden pretty close to the base. You can see that they had to add a black band at the bottom of the Philips Hue Edison bulb, for example. It also seems likely that you wouldn’t be able to change the color temperature with an Edison-style bulb. The Philips one doesn’t support that. I’m not sure what causes the color to shift in the regular Wyze bulbs, but in order to have that on an Edison bulb, the tech that facilitates it would need to fit inside the tiny faux-filament.

That is true, I did not think of the challenges that present themselves in the Edison style bulb. My guess would be as they become more prevalent (as far as the smart version) WYZE will come out with one

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That’s no problem. I appreciate it. Thanks

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This is something I’d be very interested in purchasing.

Right now I’m using 6x Wyze Bulbs in my outdoor sconces, but I’m planning to replace all of the sconces with something more modern and would like to keep using Wyze Bulbs, but I’d also love to get the Edison bulb look.

Funny how I want vintage bulbs in modern sconces, :grinning:

Another good solution would be to use standard Edison bulbs with smart, dimmable switches. I could accept fixed temperature. I’m using Lutron Caseta switches inside my house, which work great (especially as 3-way switch replacements), but they’re pricey! I’m sure Wyze can do something similar at a much better price point.

This is a huge need for us smart home junkies! I found the Geeni brand on Amazon is selling smart Edison bulbs, so now we know it’s possible. Dimmable and color changing Edison lights… Let’s go wyze!

Would love smart edison bulbs! They would do well with growing housing trends!

I just added 5 of those to my kitchen. They’re too bright. I need a Wyze app to adjust it.

Can’t wait for Wyze to make these.

Costco filament smart light

Voting for Edison bulbs - - it would round out the bulb offering.