Viewing multiple cams at once?

Is it possible to view multiple cams at once? I have 3 cams on my coop in different places and I’d like to see all of them without having to go into each one individually.

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Hi @natasha, Yes it is possible to view multiple cams at once. From the Home screen, click the Plus Sign in the Upper Left corner, then select Add Device Group in the popup menu that appears. Select Camera Group in the next screen. You will then be given a list of your cams to select and the ability to name the group you will be creating. Click Done when you have named the group and selected the cams you want to group together and you will return to your home screen.
There you will see a Double Camera icon and the name you just assigned. This is your new Group. Click on that and you will see up to four of your selected cams on the screen. If you have more in your group they can be viewed by scrolling.
Clicking on an individual cam display from this screen will take you to that cams Main Screen.
Have fun!!