Viewing 4 cameras in portrait position

Is there a way to make top of screen and bottom of screen transparent when viewing in portrait position? I don’t see an option of posting a picture I had an example of what I’m talking about.

Here’s the upload button


For some reason nothing happens when I press the upload button. I’ll have to try it from a computer later.

I’m a bit confused by the title and tags.

On Android, in Portrait, Groups will only show 3 cams at a time. That’s all the room available. It will show 4 cams in Landscape though.

In Landscape, there is no header or footer, it is all transparent.

In Portrait, the groups do have a header, but no footer. Is this the area you are referring to?

If so, the programmers would have to program that as a feature change into the next App, although I don’t know that it would provide enough real estate to allow for a fourth tile.