View the cameras on the new watch 47

I just received my watch 47C and would love to get notifications or see my cameras in the shortcut mode that would be so awesome I hope I’m posting this at the right place I wanted it on my wish list

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I also have the 47 Watch.

Your watch will show Push Notifications from your Wyze Cams as well as from other apps.

In the Watch Settings, press Notifications and make sure the Wyze App is selected:

Then, under “Other Applications”, select the other App Notifications you would like to be shown on the Watch.

When you get a Notification, your watch will vibrate and show the Push Notification.

Because the watch is connected by Bluetooth and doesn’t have advanced video capability like the super expensive Smart Watches with WiFi and Mobile Data connections, watching your cams or getting even a snapshot isn’t going to be possible. It is too much data for Bluetooth and the small watch processor.

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