'View Playback' feature UNUSEABLE!

I just tried to use the ‘View Playback’ on my Android device.

It seems to be nearly unuseable.

When I scroll the time to a particular time point, 9 times out of 10, it doesn’t go to that time point, but plays a completely different time point.

This made it nearly impossible for me to use binary search to find a particular motion event.

Something that should have taken me a few minutes to locate quickly, ended up taking 20-30 minutes.

It looks like someone dropped the ball here.

Let me state the feature as I think it should work. When you scroll to a timepoint, start the playback from that timepoint. Do NOT ignore the new timepoint request. DO NOT play starting from a random timepoint.

I may be missing something here, but this is BASIC PROGRAMMING 101.

Not impressed and not happy that I just wasted 20-25 minutes trying to find something that should have taken me 5 minutes tops.

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Hopefully they will kick out the Beta version soon which has an Event Playback.
When you select an Event it jumps to the Event time and I think if you have an SD card on Continuous Record you can then move around in the timeline.
I’ve cards in all my cams.
You can probably get into Beta and this feature seems worth it.

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Out of curiosity, I just tried out this feature again, this morning and it seems to be working pretty well.

A bit mystified as to what’s going on…