View Only mode for shared users. NO CONTROL at all

I place nature cams up for people to view.
My issue is these people have way TOO MUCH CONTROL. A shared user can turn a camera on and off, turn the IR lights on and off, and use the speaker to talk thru the camera.
I need a way to REVOKE these privileges, or better yet simply add a new class of shared user. THE VIEW ONLY USER.
So basically 3 levels of control now.
Admin - Myself (just like you have now)
Standard shared user - (just like you have now)
and VIEW ONlY user - ( NEW)

Often time these new inexperienced app users, mess up my cameras by accident by changing modes, or simply turning them off. Some people even mess with my IR light settings. When I want the camera off the shared user can turn them back on. They simply have TOO MUCH CONTROL. I simply need a way to share the cams where people can not touch or adjust ANYTHING only view.

Sharing these cams lets a lot of new users know about your product line! When I share my cams with them they need to download the app and create an account which helps you market to them.

Please add this feature request, and actually I’m shocked it’s not implemented already with how many users you have.


I have the v1 in my kitchen, no one has access but me and suddenly I heard it turn on. I know I turned it off early this morning and went to look at the app. I tried turning it off several times and it would NOT turn my kitchen cam off however all other rooms I was in I had control of. Went to twitter to see if there was any crash and yours was the closest I found around the same time. This is a huge concern for me because we’ve invested in many cameras with this company since the beginning hence having our original v1. We’ve spoken so highly to our family, friends, neighbors, small businesses, and colleagues needless to say this is very disappointing. There is a forum elsewhere of this happening in the past. Very disappointing

Ability to set access levels on shared cameras has been a wishlist item for years.


You’d think this was done years ago prior to all the other devices released.

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I have to opposite problem I want my husband to be able to use the devices just like I can on his own account but there is no setting for that! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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@adamcolt, @Nikko, and @Psych0Honey, welcome, and thanks for posting! Please consider adding your votes and comments to the Wishlist item that @K6CCC referred to:

Wow. It is still in progress. First requested in 2018?!

I voted years ago.

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Yeah, I know. It’s frustrating. Unfortunately, Wyze isn’t the only company operating in this space that seems to be dragging its feet when it comes to permission provision for multiple users of different levels. I was directing my comment to the new “first time” posters, thinking maybe they haven’t yet hit that topic.

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